STORM BENNETT MAY HAVE THE best idea for a business that anyone in the world has ever thought of. Storm is a creative and aggressive guy. He owns an advertising agency in Cincinnati called Killerspots.

He has his own studio and part of his selling point to his customer base is Killerspots can do everything on-site, in their office. Rewind to 1998. Storm was a young 26-year-old guy who was working for a new nightclub chain called Yucatan Liquor Stand. He had been working in Houston, Texas for the company and they sent him to Cincinnati to promote the Yucatan locations in Cincinnati and Columbus.

NYE Countdown creates that “party-all-night” energy at venues which
keep the crowds dancing, engaged, and drinking way past the stroke
of midnight to boost and maximize profits at the bar![/caption]

A graduate of Belair High School in Belair, Maryland and the University of Maryland, Salisbury, Storm decided to start his own advertising agency in early 1999. Looking for ideas to grow his business and help the Yucatan Liquor Stands, he came up with the idea that, since the world was heading into a NEW MILLENIUM in 2000, he would put together a custom audio program that the Yucatan Liquor Stands could play in the final five minutes leading up to midnight on New Years Eve.

Killerspots sells their NYE Countdown package to over 1,300 companies, including nightclubs, casinos, hotels, resorts, DJ companies, etc.

The idea was a huge success! Storm thought, if he could do it for Yucatan, why couldn’t he do it for other nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, etc.?

From that idea, Storm and his Killerspots Advertising Agency has built the
concept into an unbelievable business called NYE Countdown.

Over the past 17 years, this is how big his idea has become:
• NYE Countdown now offers both an audio package and an audi /video package.
• Killerspots sells their New Year’s Eve package to over 1,300 companies, including nightclubs, casino’s, hotels, resorts, DJ companies, etc.
• NYE Countdown is sold in all 50 states and over 90 countries around the world.
• Killerspots offers the package in seven different languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, and Chinese.

Customers can purchase just the audio, or audio and video together, with different time segments. Some packages are for just the 5 minutes leading up to midnight, others expand to another 5 to 10 minutes after 12 midnight. Killerspots also can customize the package for their customers to include photographs, logos, etc.
When asked about the cost for these packages, the successful Bennett said, “We start at just $70.00 for the audio, go up to $150.00 for the audio/video and then if the client wants to customize and brand it, that would be additional.”

What’s really amazing about Bennett’s business is that he can do everything inside his Killerspots offices in Cincinnati. “We produce it all in our studio and email to our customers around the world,” he explained. 

“The great thing about this concept is that around 90% of our customers from all over the world
just re-up with us annually.” – Storm Bennett

“The great thing about this concept is that around 90% of our customers from all over the world just re-up with us annually.” Bennett has grown his Killerspots Agency into one of the most successful in Cincinnati over the years. In 2010 he was honored as one of Cincinnati Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40”. He continues to be active in the business – volunteering and working with local
charities including the Make a Wish Foundation, Living With Change Foundation and the Patty Brisben Foundation. For more information about Killerspots or NYE Countdown 2019, contact Storm Bennett at Killerspots Advertising Agency. Phone number is 513-201-1380.

Now that’s an incredible idea on how to make a living!!!

Ultimate Air Magazine | March – April 2018 Edition | Written By: Keith Sprunk

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