“While on set with my TV co-host it came up that my BMW could get 34 MPG. She didn’t believe me at first but once her mouth dropped after seeing it did, I then realized I should’ve bet her more money!” jokes Storm Bennett, owner of a BMW 5 Series

Storm Bennett wears many hats: TV personality, entrepreneur, business owner, winner of several local and national awards and, most significantly, dad. Each of the hats he wears entails a different job and, of course, a different outlook on life

Judging alone by his numerous professional awards, his success in television, and his flourishing business ventures, he has mastered these roles and relationships and thus begins a new one. “Being a dad to a baby girl is something that cannot be explained with words. There’s no manual or book that can begin to tell you the joy that this child will bring. Keeping her safe and protected is now my most important job, one reason I continue to drive BMWs and chose the BMW 5 series,” comments Storm.

The BMW 5 Series plays a role in Storm’s life and to each of these important jobs. Driving clients, getting him quickly from point A to B or transporting the two incredible women in his life, he knows that he can always count on his BMW 5 Series. Not only does it carry many safety features but as Storm says, “it has sexy curves, incredible MPG and the performance of this BMW is second to none.”

At The BMW Store we realize that our customers have many duties and responsibilities, that’s why we maintain convenient hours, offer a wi-fi enabled campus, provide courtesy vehicles and, most importantly, cultivate a brand that is second to none.

BMW Store | 2012 Edition | Written By: BMW Store Authors

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